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GladiaCoin has been getting lots of attention on the web.

Lots of network marketers are trying to sell this opportunity all over the place, including all over social media, because there is so much hype.

You need to avoid this one!

Our GladiaCoin Review

There is no information regarding who runs or owns GladiaCoin.

The company lists no contact information on its website. No telephone number, no email address, and certainly no physical address.

This is the major red flag.

GladiaCoin Product?

There is none.

There aren’t any products for sale in regards to GladiaCoin. The only activities investors can engage in recruiting other investors to place themselves in positions that are more advantageous, and is providing set amounts of BTC for GladiaCoin to double.

At this point your scam radar should be going off.

That’s right, gladiacoin is basically a ponzi scheme.  More on that later in this article…

There are zero goods or services being sold or marketed to retail customers, together with the only thing available for purchase is the affiliate membership itself.

The FTC cracks down very hard on these types of schemes. It is only a matter of time.

There’s nothing for sale. only investing and recruiting.

Gladiacoin is a known as a HYIP

Wikipedia – A high-yield investment program (HYIP) is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment scam that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors.

See 8 reasons you should avoid HYIPs like GaldiaCoin below…

What Is The Compensation Plan For GladiaCoin?

Each plan offers a 200% ROI after 90 days (aside from Spartacus 1 which returns an unknown amount of money), and also the cost for each plan is as follows…

Spartacus 1 requires and investment of 0.05 BTC
Spartacus 2 requires an investment of 0.1 BTC
Spartacus 3 requires an investment of 0.3 BTC
Spartacus 4 requires an investment of 0.5 BTC
Spartacus 5 requires and investment of 1 BTC
Spartacus 6 requires an investment of 2 BTC
Spartacus 7 requires an investment of 4 BTC

Residual Commissions

Along with being able to earn from these direct ROI payments, affiliates are also able to make money through commissions that are residual.

These are paid out with money being paid on an unknown amount of levels, through a binary structure.

Just like with all the direct ROI payments, choosing to invest more money enables you to earn more through the residual commissions.

Membership in GladiaCoin requires depositing at least 0.05 BTC.

The company uses a compensation structure that is binary; affiliates are paid a percentage of matched investment volume from the weaker binary side, and at the end of every day, investment volume from either side of the binary team is tallied up.

There are a some serious problems with GladiaCoin, starting with the fact that we do not know who runs it.

In cases like this, it is probably because there is not any BTC trading happening to be able to create that fabled 90-day 200% ROI. It is pretty impossible for HYIPs like these to accomplish the things that they say they are doing.

Yet the first wave of investors are likely to be paid in full. Where is this money coming from? Well, it is not from investment activity of which there is not any evidence of to be shown is actually occurring.

GladiaCoin is taking this money and moving around it, applying it to older investors’ their BTC on digital exchanges.

This is why, of course, there is such a focus placed on new investor recruitment.

It is GladiaCoin’s only source of revenue.

GladiaCoin Scam

As time continues what happens?

GladiaCoin continues to pay its investors€ as long as there is enough recruitment opportunity to afford them to do so.

When this happens, you can kiss your investment goodbye.

Since the site is owned by scammers that are anonymous, there is no recourse.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is completely unregulated.

Once you send bitcoin to someone, there is no getting it back. No Refunds, No Chargebacks.

Do yourself a favor and avoid GladiaCoin. It is only going to end poorly with you losing anything you have invested into it.

8 Reasons You Need To Avoid Using HYIPs like GladiaCoin

HYIP is the abbreviation for High Yield Investment Programs and have grown to be quite popular over these past few years. Many individuals have resorted to the use of HYIP€™s as an easy way out to earning the fastest cash possible. 10 Reasons You Need To Avoid Using HYIPsBut there are quite several misconceptions as it pertains to HYIPs and not all them are a safe bet. Many people actually wonder if HYIP€™s are legitimate and whether they are able to provide an excellent source of income.

But observation and experience has led me into believing that HYIPs can and ought to be considered nothing more than a scam. Many of them don€™t even try and make you aware of the risks involved beforehand and some even shut-down before making a single payout.

Despite the various factors involved in making an HYIP successful, there are too many unknown variables to know whether that next HYIP will be your next bet at making money. To provide you with an example, Traffic Monsoon became immensely popular over the past year. But because of dwindling profits, return on investments came to an all-time low at the beginning of 2016. Many lost their deposits and investments and as a result, did not receive anything in return. Needless to say, here are 10 more reasons for you to not attempt or try an HYIP as an easy way out.

Reason #1. Hard to Trust

The first reason you need to think twice before investing into an HYIP is because of their trustworthiness. Many HYIP€™s today consist of admins or owners who simply want to take your deposit and run. Sure, they€™ll try and promise you a bit of kind of return and tell you it€™s not guaranteed and before you know it, you€™ll wonder why you haven€™t received a withdrawal in your account.

Reason #2. Banned Accounts

Here is another reason very similar to #1. However, as a result of the low trustworthiness with these HYIP€™s, you shouldn€™t be surprised if for some reason you suddenly can€™t log into your account, especially after having made a deposit. If you take a look at this Triple Thr3at post, you€™ll see a lot of people who€™ve had this same complaint and many more such as Adrever and HQ RevShare, but these are just two examples.

Reason #3. Not Sustainable

The most common problem with HYIPs are the fact they are simply unsustainable. Regardless of what they tell you, never believe for a second they€™ll be here for the long-haul. MAPs or MyAdvertisingPays10 Reasons You Must Avoid Using HYIPs for example, tried to make this

claim that they weren€™t going anywhere and were here for the long-run. Despite their good intentions however and also the fact that they are still operating, profits on their adpacks have come to an all-time low. If you were to join today and begin buying adpacks, you could expect to make no more than few measly cents a day.

Reason #4. Time-Dependent

One of the biggest factors to seeing any success with an HYIP (assuming that they€™ll be around for a bit) is when you join and begin making your deposits. Join a bit too late and that investment might have been made all for nothing. For example, if you were to join Traffic Monsoon today, you€™ll have a lot of trouble trying to make that money back.

Reason #5. To Be Able To Create Money, You Got To Spend Money

This is the main rule in this case. A lot of individuals think they can go into an HYIP, make a few $10 investments, and make $1,000€™s in return, but that€™s not true. To be able to earn a lot of money with an HYIP, you need to risk putting your own money down on the line. To be able to make $1,000€™s you€™ll need to deposit at-least a $1,000, while also understanding that you mightn’t make back anything in return.

Reason #6. Calculated Risk

Along with your investment, it€™s very important to understand that it will take time for you to recoup your investment. Could be 1 month, could be 6 months.. It depends on a wide selection of factors and it€™s important to be aware here that to be able to make a profit, that HYIP needs to still be running through out that duration.

Reason #7. Unethical Profits

This is just a view I personally have of HYIPs, but of course everyone will have their own different thoughts and 10 Reasons You Should Avoid Using HYIPsopinions on this. But after having had a lot of experience in investing in these HYIPs, one could easily view this as an unethical means to making a profit.

Essentially, money is being rotated in by the newest to oldest members and the ones that are at the most risk are the members who€™ve put the most money down on the line and are the newest to join.

As a result, people left and right have lost their investments since all that money is being compounded onto the oldest adpacks. Once deposits have slowed down or adpacks get maxed out to the point where the withdrawals are too large, that HYIP is no longer any good.

Reason #8. An All-Or-Nothing Approach

That is exactly what HYIPs are considered to be.. An all-or-nothing approach. You go in big or you don€™t go in any way. But the thing with this specific idea and approach is that it will not always work in your favor. With all these new HYIPs consistently opening up and shutting down, it€™s very hard to tell which ones will last long enough, which ones will pay out, and which ones you’ll be able to trust with your money.

It€™s especially difficult to tell the motives and intentions of the admins, thus weakening your confidence in your investment. The best HYIP€™s out there are truly the ones that don€™t shut-down a month or two later. But even the ones that do remain, have a tough time sustaining through those awful declining returns.

As it pertains to making money online, my advice for you is to avoid taking the easy way out. As time and time has shown again, slow and steady wins the race and it€™s done through work, effort, and providing value. That is how you overcome any hurdle and obstacle within the realm of online marketing, and to be honest, it isn€™t all that hard. With the proper approach and right methods, you can easily avoid the hassle of having to depend on these unreliable and risk-taking HYIPs, for years and years to come.


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