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The Hashcoins group out of Estonia (founders of Hashflare) have put together a very promising looking project which begins it’s initial coin offering this next Wednesday (May 31, 2017).

There will be a graduating scale of bonus potential for those who decide to support the project.

Anyone who helps fund the project on the 31st will gain a 25% bonus to the conversion on their tokens.

This project has the great possibility to allow for a cash out to return on investment shortly after launch as it’s token begins to be listed on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, many who get involved may wish to retain their tokens as the project has a dividend incentive for holding and staking tokens. Once a financial year, token stakers will gain a portion of the technology bank’s profits (20% of bank divided amongst token holders as a dividend payout via etherium)

This project is etherium based and is going to be using smart contracts to perform some of it’s escrow and dividend payout functions.

What is Polybius exactly? It’s an IT platform which will progress through stages to become an international technology focused bank based out of Europe. Here are some of the features and technologies in development –

Decentralised Ledgers
Smart Contracts
Open API
Internet of Things
Big Data
Applied AI


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